Skin A Cat by Isley Lynn | Directed by Eleanor Dillon-Reams

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Thu May 30, 8:00 - 9:30 PM (BST)

This is really hard for me.
This is what I’ve spent the last - a long time…
This is basically my worst nightmare.
But I’m going to try.
Because I think it’s a good idea.
So I’ll just -? Shall I?
I’m going to try and tell you everything.
I’m going to try.

Every teenager thinks they’re the only one not having sex. But for Alana, it may well be true. But every time she gets close to doing it something just seems to get in the way… Soon she can’t help wondering: Is it this tricky for everyone else? Because no one ever said it was going to be this complicated.
With a kaleidoscope of off-kilter characters, Skin A Cat follows Alana on an awkward sexual odyssey all in the pursuit of losing her virginity and finally becoming a woman.
Whatever that means…

YATI Foundation’s penultimate production before they graduate, a clowning, ensemble, comedy, that will educate, enlighten, and entertain.

We’re currently fundraising for our Foundation Course Final Show of ‘Machinal’ by Sophie Treadwell. Any donations will go a long way! We need your contributions to help us source props, set design, lighting technicians etc for the show.

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